Rockefeller Center, New York City (flagship store); Newport Beach, CA; Corte Madera, CA;

Irvine, CA; Carmel-by-the-sea, CA


Project Summary:

Women's apparel store


Project Description:

‘To incorporate rich, sensual, and engaging environments that integrate elements of the local culture in a contextual manner so that no two stores are exactly alike. The store environment thus strengthens the customer’s identification with the brand while maintaining an underlying identity.’ *


Design rejects ‘the usual brand choice of sheetrock and dropped ceilings in favor of more creative solutions. Merchandise is integrated into a variety of creative vignettes and displays designed to offer the customer an entire look at a distinct lifestyle.  The artful visual merchandising provides connections between the store design, the merchandise, and the customer, creating        a tailored shopping experience for each customer.’ *



Led design, project management, and construction administration


Services Provided:

Brand strategy, experience design, space programming, and branded concepts


*Pompei AD

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