The New World of Coca Cola

 Atlanta, Georgia


Project Summary:

Attraction retail


Project Description:

“...a retail store that would function as exit retail for the attraction The New World

of Coca-Cola in Atlanta, GA, as well as the flagship for a new global retail


This project represented a unique collaborative effort between the creative team

at Pompei A.D. and the Coke team, as the store was intended to present a new

face for one of the most recognizable brands on the planet. The client was

interested in more than just a fresh look and feel for their stores, they understood

that they needed to really know who their customers were, and realign

themselves with that core community, from the products and services they

offered to the graphic design, store fixturing and store design, as well as new

interactive digital media. Coca-Cola wanted to redefine the experience of being a

part of the Coca-Cola community.” *



Collaborated on design


Services Provided:

Brand strategy, experience design, and branded concepts


* Pompei AD

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