Hotel Vermont

Burlington, Vermont


Project Summary:

“Boutique” hotel


Project Description:

“The new Hotel Vermont serves the lifestyle needs of moderate and upscale

leisure and business travelers seeking an authentic and unique “Vermont”

experience. The interiors are designed to stimulate the senses, exuding comfort

and casual warmth while encouraging productivity. Brick, stone and wood is

combined in a modern composition that uses local materials without nostalgia.” *


..”this new hotel is Burlington’s first Vermont-chic venue...It’s a darling of design,

a lighthearted mix of rustic materials and trendy urban minimalism— on the

inside, it’s a collage of granite walls and repurposed oak floors, with accents of

metal, slate and concrete. The contrasts are amusing: Ferns sprout from maple

syrup buckets, a wooden barn door slides open to reveal a stylish party room,

the coffee tables are tree trunks and the signature artwork is a contemporary

sculpture fashioned out of salvaged wood.” **



Led interior design and project management through design development with Truex Cullins Interiors


Services Provided:

Experience design and brand strategy


* Truex Cullins Interiors

* * Montreal Gazette



Voted one of the top 10 hot new hotels for 2013 by Trip Advisor for 2014


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