Stockholm, Sweden


Project Summary:

Natural skincare, beauty, and cosmetics


Project Description:

“ introduce the concept of “responsible luxury” to their new stores and create

a new brand vision utilizing contemporary spaces and materials. The design of

the store focused on clean lines and simple layouts allowing for unencumbered

circulation, maximum product visibility and multiple opportunities for the customer

to interact with both the products and other people. The juxtaposition between

the colder materials, stainless steel and marble, the warmth of reclaimed woods,

and the elegant use of slate created a balanced palette, evoking the feel of a

modernized apothecary. The desired ambience of comfortable luxury coupled

with a reverence for the brand’s history was realized without relying on a themed

environment.” *



Collaborated on design


Services Provided:

Brand strategy, experience design, space programming, and branded concepts


* Pompei AD

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